The Community Launchpad

Modern day barn-raising

The "CoLaunchpad" is a network of individuals, parents and professionals, working together to build and grow enterprises in a way that serves our communities, our families, and ourselves. Located in downtown Palo Alto, the UnaMesa Association for Community Engagement serves as the home base for the Colaunchpad.

Community Collage

Power of a circle of women

Innovation and Parenting

Each week have a check-in session hosted by community members on alternating Wed evenings and Thur mornings that provide a structured way to come together, tell our stories, strengthen our community and support each other. Details

Wed Oct 19, 7pm Laura Becker-Lewke, Meaningful Career Choices whilst Raising a Family
Thur Oct 27, 8:30am Sally Collings, Red Hook Publishing
Wed Nov 2, 7pm Vera Blau, How to deal with divided attention

Launch Lunches

Two Fridays a month we hold a potluck lunch. Breaking bread together provides the time and space necessary to share challenges in a safe setting and help each other overcome barriers.

Fri Oct 21, 12-2
654 Gilman
Palo Alto, CA 94301
market picture

Community Conversations

On Saturday mornings, we invite the community to engage in small conversations about what matters to them. Situated next to the downtown Farmer's market we turn our courtyard into an impromptu outdoor cafe and invite folks to sit, eat, and share a moment of reflection.

Special Event

Sarah Shannon
Fri Oct 21, 2016 Noon
CoLaunchpad 654 Gilman St, Palo Alto, CA 94301

Health Guides for living and working

Sarah Shannon has worked tirelessly to provide lifesaving information and educational tools to help people and communities around the world take greater control of their health. As the Executive Director of Hesperian Health Guides, publishers of "Where There Is No Doctor" and many other titles, Sarah has created a network of authors, editors, and local health providers around the globe that are making a major difference in the health and well being of underserved communities around the globe. Before joining Hesperian in 1996, Shannon worked for 14 years on community health projects in Central America. These roles include the managing director of a nonprofit firm providing popular administrative and financial management consulting to over 80 NGOs, women’s organizations and community associations in post-war El Salvador, and developing funding proposals for Salvadoran refugees in Honduras.