The Community Launchpad

Modern day barn-raising

The "CoLaunchpad" is a network of individuals, parents and professionals, working together to build and grow enterprises in a way that serves our communities, our families, and ourselves. Located in downtown Palo Alto, the UnaMesa Association for Community Engagement serves as the home base for the Colaunchpad.

Community Collage

Power of a circle of women

Peer to Peer Circles

Our circles meet twice a month and provide a structured way of coming together, tell our stories, strengthen our community and support each other in both for-profit and non-profit endeavors.

Health and Wellness Circle, January TBD
Education Innovation Circle, January TBD

Launch Lunches

Once or twice a month we hold a potluck lunch for all circle members. Breaking bread together provides the time and space necessary to share challenges in a safe setting and help each other overcome barriers.

market picture

Community Conversations

On Saturday mornings, we invite the community to engage in small conversations about what matters to them. Situated next to the downtown Farmer's market we turn our courtyard into an impromptu outdoor cafe and invite folks to sit, eat, and share a moment of reflection.